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Free Road Tests

Scan for codes and find out exactly what is wrong with your vehicle. Phil will then help you fix and repair your vehicle until it runs smooth.

Appointment Only

Call and schedule an appointment with Phil. Since 1974 Phil has been taking care of people just like you get back on the road at a fair and affordable price.

Standard Transmission

Professional Automatic and Standard Transmission Rebuilding & Modifying, call Phil at (321) 327-5193 to schedule.

4, 5 and 6 Speed Rebuilding

4, 5 & 6 Speed Manual Transmission Rebuilding at an affordable and fair price in Melbourne, FL

Semi Automatic CVT Rebuilding

Certified and professional continuously variable transmission rebuilding with over four decades of experience.

CV Axles and Drive Shafts

Drivetrain inspection on the CV joint and CV boot components should be part of your vehicle maintenance routine.


Your Personal Professional Technician

47 Years rebuilding thousands of Automatic Standard and CVT transmissions…

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